D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : C A P R I C O R N – Zodiac Coffee Roasters

D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : C A P R I C O R N

Scorpio Mars continues to sextile your Sun, giving you a much-needed kick this week. You might be a flurry of activity, or try and cram as much as you can into a few short hours each day. Luckily, with the intensity of Scorpio in its home planet, you’ll have the ability to give things your full attention, becoming completely absorbed in whatever needs focus. With the newly-minted  influence of Jupiter in Scorpio as well, this level of absorption will be unusually magnified-- take care not to obsess when you’re just getting down to the heart of things. The waxing crescent Moon in Capricorn spans December 18th through the 20th, making these few days the perfect time for a restructuring of goals and any actions needed to get those underway. Saturn slips out from under Sagittarius and enters the sign of its rulership--yours!-- on December 20th, ending a three-year period of ideological dogmatism. Don’t be surprised if you feel something settle, however subtle the sensation. The ongoing square with retrograde Aries Uranus (affecting mid-January Caps) can have a disruptive influence on anyone who likes taking their time; the  sextile with Pisces Neptune (affecting the first birthdays of January) can help some to get more in touch with their intuition and vulnerability, with lasting results. The conjunction with Pluto (affecting those born the second week of January) intensifies experience and demands evolutionary changes.

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