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S E P T E M B E R - Sun in Virgo/ Sun in Libra

This month opens with the first of two moons in Capricorn-- the waxing gibbous on September 1st and 2nd--as well as a trine with Virgo Sun (September 1-22). You may find it especially easy to be yourself right now, and things will hum along smoothly for a time, complacency notwithstanding. You’re receiving a kind of harvest right now, and it would be foolish not to be practical with your fortunes. The Full Pisces Moon on September 6th sextiles your Sun and asks you to engage with your private, imaginative self in a constructive way. A trine with Mars in Virgo (September 6-30) enables you to shrewdly assess need and take dutiful action with a new sense of agency. Overlapping with this is the trine with Virgo Mercury (September 10-29), meaning that you will most effectively act on your desires using logic, verbal persuasion, and intellectual expression. Towards the end of the month, Virgo Mars and Mercury will be joined by the energy of Virgo Venus (September 20-30), whose reserved look-before-you-leap charms jibe with earth signs like yourself. Now would be a good time to approach someone romantically, especially if you work together on something. Despite these good tidings, the Libra Sun will square yours (September 23-30), as will Libra Jupiter (all month) and retrograde Aries Uranus (all month), especially if you were born in mid to late January. Beware social upsets and misunderstandings, try to avoid executive aesthetic decisions, and do your darndest to have a little faith in people even when it seems they are working against you. Fairness is a theme that you should throw out for a while--- adhering to its constructs won’t win you any friends this month, but forgiveness and generosity will. As always with Uranus, try to expect the unexpected. With retrograde Pluto conjunct your Sun, any go-with-the-flow advice is still applicable. Pluto likes to tear down entire empires, but especially if they’re decaying or outmoded. On the 28th, 29th, and 30th, the second Capricorn Moon is now in its last quarter. Combine this with the energy of Pluto to embrace dramatic change in your life and try purging the unnecessary.



Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Earth energy is what steadies you this month, so enjoy your moment.