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A U G U S T - Sun in Leo/ Sun in Virgo

Enjoy the trine with Virgo Mercury while you can; its charmed efficiencies will fray once Mercury goes retrograde on the 12th. The opposition with Cancer Venus draws all relationships into focus and makes you more emotional and on the defensive than usual. Navigate with care, as truly good things will stay intact, but the difficult things may finally break apart. Regardless of what happens, you will likely be encountering yourself in the end. The waxing gibbous Moon in Capricorn from August 4-6 intensifies your ambitions and tightens the grip you already hold on yourself. In the face of a Mercury Retrograde and a sextile with woo-woo Neptune in woo-woo Pisces, letting go feels like a foolish backward plunge into the void. You can reinvent this month’s self-imposed chokehold as a neat little harness when the Sun enters Virgo and trines your own on August 23rd. All that seemed carefully controlled to the point of vein-popping will now feel streamlined, well-prioritized, and efficient under Virgo’s rule. For mid-January Capricorns, the effects of retrograde Capricorn Pluto may put you into contact with some Plutonic unsavories. On the smaller, more realistic scale, be mindful of powerplays; on the larger scale, make sure you park in well-lit areas.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H


Why fight it? You're on a typically earthbound course this month.