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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

The sextile to Mercury in Scorpio (Nov. 1-5) enables depth of thinking and communication that may have previously felt off-limits. Such a feeling is a great door-opener for you mentally, and the influence will serve as a strong introduction for the rest of November. Overlapping Mercury is Libra Venus (Nov. 1-7), in Venus’ case, its square with your Sun is less difficult than with other planets, especially now that it’s in the sign of its rulership. This Venus square has the ability to light a fire under you, in a joyful overabundance of Libran and Venusian themes. This is a fine time for romance and creative work as well as the pursuit of pleasure, recreation, sport, and excitement, as long as you do not become self-indulgent or excessive. Some of our best work is done from the confines of a box, and this is precisely what this Venus square serves to do. Since it is already sextiling the transiting Sagittarius Saturn in the sky, there may be a feeling of seriousness or foundation-laying that accompanies this Venus. This is not the usual frivolity with which Venus conducts business, but an earnestness that can bridge the gap between optimism and reality. From the 1st to the 22nd, Scorpio Sun sextiles the Suns of January Capricorns, encouraging you to weave your own energies into those of the people around you. Your environment, friends, and contacts are of utmost importance for you now, and the efficacy of your work with them will deepen and intensify. Reflect on your achievements in terms of what lies ahead of you, and take the time to trim the fat. You no longer have need for the superficial or the empty, nor do you want it. The sextile with retrograde Pisces Neptune during the same window is an interesting accompaniment, heightening your receptivity to others but also putting you in the path of mixed messages, precisely when you’re trying to eliminate this kind of thing. When Pisces Neptune goes direct on the 23rd, you’ll see a little clearer, perhaps with a newfound desire to help those in need. Libra Mars squares your Sun all month long, which could lead to moments of indecision and passive-aggression exacerbated by Neptune’s illusions. Starting on the 8th and running through the month, too, is Scorpio Venus in detriment, sextiling your Sun. Again, you may find your tolerance for phoniness is very low, which might lead to general overenthusiasm regarding connections (romances included). It may seem like you’re finally fed up with all the nonsense and want to connect with people in a way that feels real.  You’re right, but try not to overwhelm everybody with your approach. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut even as your heart thuds in your chest. The waxing crescent Moon in Capricorn (Nov. 21-23) clears the Scorpio fog that enshrouds your brain and gives you a brief moment of cool Capricorn clarity. For late December and early January Capricorns, expansive Jupiter, newly in Scorpio, sextiles your Sun and acts much the way Miracle-Gro does to plants. Scorpio issues, as we’ve covered in spades with the other Scorpio planets this month, will be brought to the fore, and everything may seem to go from 3- to 4-D. This is a lasting influence that will continue through this same time next year, so buckle up. But wait, there’s more-- retrograde Aries Uranus squares the Suns of mid-January Caps, making for some disruptive or even violent surprises, while the conjunction with Capricorn Pluto (affecting those born the second week of January) demands your full involvement in seemingly everything you try. There may be issues of control coming into your life, or you may be doing your best to apply a radical fix to something broken. It would be wise to stay out of obvious trouble, as these two planets in combination have a way of tempting fate in an unpleasant way.

 Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Surprise! You could use a little lightness in your step, despite the favorable water elements churning in your favor.