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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

Leo’s fall begins well enough, with a sextile from Libra Jupiter (Oct 1-9) affecting late August lions. In this case, fortune is what you make of it; you are being given the tools of charm, beauty, and persuasion, and they can earn you privileges as long as you’re proactive. Libra Mercury sextiles the Suns of all Leos this month (Oct 1-17), greasing the path for diplomatic thinking and decision-weighing, artful brainstorming, and communication (in some cases, flirtation too). The sextile with Libra Sun (Oct 1-22) hits August Leos with a sense of personal power that is light, airy, and malleable to the occasion. Here to crash the sugar high is unlikely candidate Jupiter, who is moving into Scorpio at long last on October 10th. With Jupiter in Scorpio, intensity, ultimatums, the quest for difficult truths, the plumbing of mysteries, and the exploration, exploitation, and exposure of taboos all become inflated and exaggerated. It is no longer a time to be satisfied with the superficial, for better or for worse. Scorpio is intrigued by the fact that life isn’t fair, and will go to great lengths to prove it, most notably with its purging tendencies. Most affected by this Scorpio Jupiter square are July Leos, who will hopefully emerge wiser and better for it. On October 13th through the 15th, the waning crescent Moon in Leo marks a period for spending time with children or indulging one’s inner child, creative activities, risk, and acts of generosity. When Venus enters Libra and sextiles the Suns of July and early-to-mid August Leos (Oct 15-31), it is time to put the romantic into practice. You aim for what is lovely, congenial, and most pleasant for the most people, and for this to occur, aggression is out. To get what you want, charm and the art of delight are the weapons in your arsenal. When the square with Scorpio Mercury engages three days later (Oct 18-31), it is especially important to remember this. Scorpio Mercury is hell-bent on going straight for the jugular, and it’s known for making people squirm with its virtually tactless delivery. Fight it! You might want to know all of someone’s secrets, but maybe asking them directly might be too gauche for most. Libra Mars enters this picture (in sextile, Oct 23-31), but its energy can be wheedling. In the second half of this month, it may just be best to sit on your (metaphorical) hands. Attend, instead, to the low background hums of the outer planets, who wish to bestow trines upon you for the longer term. Sagittarius Saturn makes you productive, resolute, ideologically steadfast, and dutifully enterprising in matters of personal growth and generalized humanities-style education, in particular if you were born in mid-August. Retrograde Aries Uranus brings surprises and well-suited new opportunities to the plates of late August Leos; alternately, you may find yourself unexpectedly free of something, due to unusual circumstances.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Libran-style air charms work well for Leo this October.