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N O V E M B E R - Sun in Scorpio/ Sun in Sagittarius

November is shaping up very nice indeed for watery Pisces, who gets on---ugh-- swimmingly with the deluge of Scorpio planets. On the first, the waxing gibbous Moon is the first of two November Moons in Pisces, marking a day’s worth of reflection, compassion, deep dialogue, or indecision pared with its more active self-- spontaneity. The trine with Scorpio Mercury (Nov. 1-5) and Scorpio Sun (Nov. 1-21) marks a time of exceptional emotional power, where thoughts and feelings are in near-balletic (and uncommonly mutual) reception. You may find yourself breaking new emotional ground in your daily life, or through creative expression; the way you communicate with others seems to have an impactive resonance it doesn’t usually possess. Although Mercury swiftly enters a square when it moves into Sagittarius (Nov. 6-30), damming up some of that free-flowing thought exchange, you can rely on the trine with Scorpio Venus (Nov. 8-30) to rev it back up. It’s a changed animal, however-- while Mercury could hang in a Scorpio limbo, Venus is in detriment, finding Scorpio’s energy too zealous for its soft pastel romanticism. Pisces (and Cancer) is well-suited to the task of managing this Venus, for within Pisces’ own extremes it already speaks the language. For most of the month, then, Pisces will experience a heightened emotional state from Scorpio Venus, one that prioritizes pleasure while also underscoring depth. Meaningful emotional experiences are possible, as your feelers have antenna’d out of your head. You could get in over your head easily now, or feel yourself pulled under by another person, but you may very well enjoy it. You may experience the flexing of an underused emotional muscle, one that reveals a hidden aspect of your personality that needed air. Of similar use to you this month is Jupiter in Scorpio, who is particularly zesty for late February and early March Pisces. Jupiter’s naturally expansive and indulgent energy matches the intensity of Scorpio, and mostly for the better, although it can magnify Scorpio’s more martial qualities. For Pisces, a traditionally Jupiter-ruled water sign, it encourages the push for depth, immersion, and truth when it is needed, and brings luck to Scorpionic endeavors such as the transformation, power, regrowth, the expression and confession of desire, and the solving of mysteries. The square with Sagittarius Sun (Nov. 22-30) may feel like you’re having unnecessary conflicts and ideological stalemates, with you as the emotionally serious, intuitive, or compassionate one, and the other person (or issue) being more flippant, platonic, or casual. The square with Sagittarius Saturn (all month) feels similar, but takes the form of emotional duty or drudgery instead of motivational conflict. For Pisces born in the first week of March, the retrograde Neptune in Pisces conjunction (Nov. 1-22) will heighten your sensitivity in unwanted ways, but will serve only to help you name and thus master your Piscean feels when it eventually turns direct (Nov. 23-30). For those born in the second week of March, the sextile with Capricorn Pluto serves to make you more productive in ways that you usually aren’t. It might feel easier than usual to eliminate the roadblocks that keep you from being creative or happy, such as unnecessary house clutter, financial loose ends, or a job that you finally quit.

Y O U R    B L E N D    T H I S    M O N T H

Water suits you well this month, working for and hardly ever against your natural state.