D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : S C O R P I O – Zodiac Coffee Roasters

D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : S C O R P I O

The conjunction with Scorpio Mars this week imbues Scorpios with a special can-do energy that gets them out of the holiday slump. Helpful, too, is the sextile with Capricorn Sun, beginning December 22nd--- you are able to see your own end game a little more clearly, and your process of getting there becomes more defined and direct. The sextile with Capricorn Saturn, beginning December 20th, adds a new theme of maturity and mastery to Scorpio, in particular Scorpios born near the Libra cusp. The conjunction with Scorpio Jupiter has the capacity to bloat you with Scorpio intensity; it is unlikely that you will be acting from a skin-deep place from this week forward, and especially if you were born the first week of November. For those born close to the 1st of November, the trine with Pisces Neptune heightens your intuition and creativity, putting you in touch with the ideal. Capricorn Pluto sextiling the Suns of second-week November Scorpios gives you opportunities to seize power or clean up any situation that has become confused.

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