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Rising Sign: Colombia


Rising Sign: Colombia

We all know our Sun Sign, but do you know your Rising Sign? Your Rising/Ascendant Sign reflects the Zodiac Sign that was positioned on the eastern horizon the exact time you were born. Your Rising Sign represents your outer “mask,” what traits you project to the world, and how others view you. It can be seen as a representation of your attitude and provide insight into your appearance, first impressions you make on others, and how you handle spontaneity. Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign work in conjunction to shape your personality. 

We dubbed our Single Origin Colombian our “Rising Sign” because it provides a great first impression of our coffee brand. Taking the best selection of Colombia Supremo green beans and roasting them to a perfect Medium roast; we take great care to bring out the delicate terrior flavors of the origin country of Colombia. You can expect a mild body, winey notes, and rich earth tones with a sweet chocolate aroma.

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