D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : T A U R U S – Zodiac Coffee Roasters

D E C E M B E R 1 7 - 2 3 : T A U R U S

Scorpio Mars opposes your Sun all week, making you feel a bit out of sorts. Things may feel too intense, or as though your well-established Taurus boundaries mean nothing. The December 20th trine with Capricorn Saturn could prove helpful, however, as its energy backs up your protests. It feels especially good to get on the ball right now, and any action you take to ensure this will have long-lasting effects. The trine to Capricorn Sun begins on December 22nd, imbuing you will a column of strength, resolve, and verve. You may find your wit a little sharper and drier, too. The opposition with Scorpio Jupiter, affecting May birthdays of the first week, can prove difficult yet enlightening. Curb excess and overindulgence if you can; try not to overeat or get drunk several nights out of the week while you’re celebrating the holidays. The ongoing sextile with Pisces Neptune, aspecting birthdays near the first of May, combines your natural sensuality with your creative and imaginative side. This prolonged period might be a good time to get imaginative with enrichment of or pleasure for the body-- dance classes, flights of fancy with home cooking, and the like. The Capricorn Pluto trine to Taurus Suns from the second week of May encourages radical restructuring of values or perhaps the career.

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