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O C T O B E R - Sun in Libra/ Sun in Scorpio

The month is off to a good start when Venus trines the Suns of Taureans born after the first week of May (Oct 1-14). Although Virgo is compatible with your sign, it’s a difficult combination with Venus, which sometimes becomes a bit too specific with its desires. It wants to make pro/con columns, draw up parameters, and enact rules, even though the expression of Venus is naturally more easygoing. You can harness this energy positively by asserting boundaries and refusing to settle instead, but don’t get hysterical if a person or project isn’t quite living up to your standards. Mars is also in Virgo at this time (Oct 1-22), and also trining your Sun. It will be easy to tidy up your life, literally and figuratively. Trim the fat, organize what remains, and discard the murky or uncertain. On October 6th through the 8th, the waning gibbous Moon is in Taurus, pause to ruminate or reflect on comfort, sensual enjoyment, security, and constancy. Identify what feels trustworthy and emotionally resonates. Once planets begin to enter stormy Scorpio on the 10th, starting with Jupiter (10th-31st), this period will have proved itself worthwhile. An opposing Jupiter--in this case affecting April Taureans-- can be a time of conflict and overestimated returns. Eight days later, when Mercury in Scorpio joins in opposition as well, you may feel as though you want to get to the bottom of things, uncover secrets, and demand the . truth, however uncomfortable. Thought, speech, expression, and analysis may not be at its most harmonious, but all will be communicated. The influence of Jupiter will make all of this appear larger than life or blown out of proportion, and it won’t be helped by the ensuing opposition of the Sun in Scorpio a week later (Oct 23-31). In general, once the Sun enters the sign on this date, it will become a triple threat with Scorpio Jupiter and Scorpio Mercury to create a very intense time indeed. Your ego needs to be able to withstand the peelback of its protective Taurus armor, and you could be taken to task in a way that feels deeply personal. The power of Scorpio lies in its penetrative qualities; it has an ability to delve into and through, leaving the target feeling psychologically (or literally) naked. Those born in the first week of May can enjoy the loopy mental vacation that retrograde Pisces Neptune offers with its sextile to your Sun. You may even experience an uptick in vaguely psychic notions about people and situations, provided you remain calm and observant. It could be a fruitful time to take on light charity or healing work, or perhaps indulge in something spiritual or mystical. For Taureans born in the second week of May, the trine with Capricorn Pluto aids lucid reassessment of motivations. Once you uncover what’s really important, you’ll find it’s an easier time than most to make sweeping and dramatic purges, usually those that benefit your career, your ambitions, and your maturest self.


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